Why are schedules necessary?

An interesting take on Why we need Schedules
Answer by Fareed A.S.:

Why indeed.
Have you ever travelled by air? or train? or other public transport?
Did you ever have to get anywhere on a certain time?
Suppose you have to get to a city 50 km away for an interview at 9:00 AM and you don’t have personal transportation or someone else to take you there. Since you don’t understand why are schedules required the first question you would ask is “Why 9:00 AM? Why don’t they give me the freedom to saunter in their office at my leisure and demand to be interviewed when I want?” I am sure you know the answer to this question. Atleast I would assume you know it. So we agree you have to be there just a little before 9 AM.
Now, the train taking you there won’t be running with just the engine and an extra seat by the driver’s side to accommodate you. Its just not commercially viable, for the operating company as well as for you. So they would naturally use the tremendous pulling power of the engine to get a few hundred additional passengers and some goods on the trip. They have to make a few trips during the day in order for this model to succeed coz they can’t sit around waiting for some to arrive while delaying many others who have interviews perhaps earlier. Those who have interviews at 01:00 PM obviously won’t be making the 8:00 AM trip. A little bit of logical reasoning would bring all to the sensible conclusion that maintaining a schedule of these trips benefits all. Ditto for construction. No builder would bring in the elevators and other expensive or long lead items when he starts excavation. But how would he know when to order it so that it arrives on time? I bet schedule is the way to go. Did you know patients cannot just drive (or be driven) to the hospital and ask for the doctor on duty to operate on them for a cardiovascular issue? I am sure you know that the planet earth takes roughly 365 days to go around the sun and has maintained this schedule for many many many years. Did you also know that nature has built some schedules for humans, other animals and plants to follow? We are surrounded by schedules and even our existence is the result of a schedule.

Why are schedules necessary?


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