Important Documents while Planning for a Project

The most important documents are:

  1. The Contract
  2. Bill of Materials (or Scope of Work if dealing with something other than construction)
  3. Specifications
  4. Drawings, Layouts, Plans, …
  5. Any available studies or analyses (geotechnical, demographic, etc.)

The above are similar to ‘inputs’. The following are important documents which will be the ‘outputs’;

  1. WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  2. Important Milestones
  3. Project Schedule
  4. Critical Path (i.e. Critical Activities)
  5. Longest Path (is gaining more popularity compared to critical path)
  6. Risk register / Risk analysis
  7. Procurement plan
  8. Manpower plan (histogram / mobilization requirements / etc.)
  9. Other resources (machinery / materials / etc.)
  10. Cash flow
  11. Progress projections (S Curves / short term lookaheads / etc.)

Its not necessary for all of the above to be applicable in all cases.



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