What is the difference between abusive management and strict management?

Answer by A.F.S.:

Hypocritical, un-supportive, and judgmental – these are abusive managera. Actually, a hypocritical one would also be unprofessional, insecure, and undeserving to be a manager.

I think in most cases one is able to tell if its strict or abusive or otherwise. Some people have a better tolerance for rules which might appear strict to someone else. So to some degree, that would be perception based.

I consider myself to be strict (in respect of punctuality, quality of work, timely delivery of task, knowledge; and I get very upset when work is not done the way I instructed it). I had thought I wouldn’t be a respected manager but I have discovered (and I have evidence of this) that most people reporting to me work very well with me and even consider me supportive while just one guy found me to be so abusive that he quit my team (and later the company) and then sent at least two hate-mails, one to me (very very abusive and uncouth language) and one to my senior management (in which he called me abusive, unprofessional, etc). Now irrespective of whether I am a good guy or not, my way of management did appear to be abusive to this guy while everyone else is comfortable with it.

Different cultural norms should be taken into account as well. People from the same country but different regions perceive things differently. Plus, one’s way of looking at things is influenced by what one’s co-workers or office friends have to say about it.


What is the difference between abusive management and strict management?


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  1. F.A.S. says:

    Thank you for your post and my apologies for not being able to respond earlier.
    Learning new skills to further your career is always a good choice and I highly recommend Primavera since you are in the construction industry. Please do note that in order to manage any project or even a task, it is essential to KNOW what needs to be done. You need to have knowledge and experience to evaluate yourself what is going on, what should be going on and what needs to be done to fill any gap. Basically what I’m saying is while it’s good and beneficial to know project management tools, only the tools won’t be of any help without knowing the job and this is where experience comes in. Yes, I know I am saying the same thing again but I have to emphasize on this. I have on several occassions fired people from my team who knew the tool but didn’t know what to do with it. Those who went to the site to be involved in execution got a foundation to build their careers upon. And this is also my advice to you …. learn Primavera and any other tools you may come across but also spend sufficient time on various types of jobs getting involved in all (or as many) aspects. It will be slow going at first, but you will reap the benefits by leaps and bounds later.
    When you start learning Primavera, this website will help you in getting started with Primavera, you may want to join join my Facebook group ‘Primavera P6 Knowledge Base’ to post your queries and get some clarifications.


  2. Rahul says:

    I’m working in a construction company(Power Plant Project) and I have 5 years experience in the filed of execution, Planning & Project management but it’s not really project management or planning bcoz, neither we used tools nor we given any training. Our company, sorry my ex-employer has only interest in profit, nothing more than that. Now I quit the company and thinking to learn some tools like Primavera so that I can really get into company working for project management. If possible, please give your guidance.



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