P6 or P3?

Would you rather use P3 or are you a P6 fan? Participate in the poll

I guess its not a simple yes/no or this/that scenario. There are a lot of factors which are at play here.

The first is that the choice can only be properly evaluated by those who have had extensive exposure to both versions.

The second … nostalgic factor and resistance to change.

The simplicity and robustness of P3 was (and still is) extremely hard to match. And installing/reinstalling wasn’t a problem ever. Plus the P3 guys naturally resisted the change to a fancy UI where they had to come to terms with the funny way the layout behaved and had to be saved.

Those of us who grew up with P3 found the sudden deluge of options in P5 and P6 not easy to deal with … different kinds of duration types and percent complete types was only the tip of the iceberg for us.

These are a few differences between the two. See that there are positives and negatives both ways:

1. The project name can be longer than 4 characters in P6. That is surely a relief.
2. Activity descriptions are no longer limited to 48 characters.
3. WBS is much easier to work with compared to the intimidating feature earlier.
4. Inter-project relationships are much the same I think.
5. Tracking is a new option which is put to good use.
6. Installation and database maintenance can be scary and reinstallation is always feared.
7. The irksome way baselines are created and assigned in P6. Thank goodness the latest version is dealing with this.
8. The annoying way every time you open a project you see the last used layout.
9. Absence of keyboard shortcuts in P6 and the inability to move around relationship/cost/other sub-windows on screen.
10. Behaviour of mid-of-the-project baselines is a lot harder to handle in P6 than it was in P3.

So which is your version of choice?



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