Working with Thresholds

Thresholds are user-defined flagging mechanisms that monitor when an activity exceeds or goes beyond acceptable criteria. For example, it can be specified that when a milestone’s expected finish date varies by the planned finish date by more than 15 days (negatively), then this milestone is to be dealt with on a priority basis. Thresholds are a great way of substantiating dash board reports.

To create Thresholds:
• Select a governing criteria (variance in dates, cost, float, etc.)
• Identify lower and upper limits for the threshold

Process of adding a threshold:

Project >> Thresholds >> Add

To specify a threshold parameter, in the Threshold Parameter field on the General tab, select the parameter.

In the Lower Threshold and/or Upper Threshold fields, specify a numeric value.

In the WBS to Monitor section select the work breakdown structure (WBS) element to be monitored for the threshold.

In the Detail to Monitor section, select the level at which you want to monitor the WBS element (it can be monitored at the WBS level or the activity level).

In the Responsible Manager section, assign responsibility for the issues to an appropriate OBS element.

You can associate a tracking layout with the threshold’s issues in the Tracking Layout section.

You can also assign a priority level to issues generated by the selected threshold in the Issue Priority field.

In the Details tab, specify the time period during which the threshold is to be monitored … Monitor Time Window area >> From Date and To Date are specified.

Any activities/WBS elements whose dates do not match the specified criteria will not be reviewed by the monitor.

Monitoring a Threshold:

Go to Tools >> Monitor Thresholds.

To use the original time duration, select Use Original Threshold Monitor Windows.

To use a different time period, choose Use New Threshold Monitor Window >> select new From and To dates >> Monitor.



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