Is there any specific “rate of change of production” with respect to height?

This question was posed by one of our group members.
While the member also provided a good workaround to his own query (of assuming a declining rate every few floors) the observation is indeed thought provoking and a very real issue faced in particular by those working on high rise projects. The higher you go, the more efforts it needs to manage logistics of materials, machinery and mapower. Even with all the management, crew output does change with increasing height. For instance, it takes longer for the workmen to arrive and leave the work area, it affects time available, sometimes even motivation and supervision are affected, workers’ breaks are difficult to manage, and other similar issues.

It is essential to make appropriate allowances in the plan to account for this factor. The method of assuming increased cycle times compensates for the changes to some extent. However, while there is a plethora of information about standard resource productivity rates, the rate of change in production is not something usually addressed.

How do you deal with these scenarios?



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