Renumbering Activity IDs


In large schedules several activities may be repeated albeit in different locations, different floors, buildings, departments, etc. If a filter were to be applied for these activities, unless the activity name (description) identifies where this activity takes place it would be really difficult to make anything out of the filtered view. Fortunately, a Planner can add information about the activity in the activity ID itself.  This helps convey the Building Area, Phase, Type of Work, Department, etc. Well structured and consistent activity IDs also help in filtering and applying global change.

Sometimes a need is felt to renumber activity IDs. Out of three available options, two are discussed here. The third (rather, the first) is pretty straightforward as it only assigns an incremental value based on selected activities and is not a part of this discussion.

Suppose activity IDs in a particular WBS are AZ1050, AZ1060, … 
Say you want to renumber them in the format DP100, DP110, …
Select the concerned activities > Right click > Renumber > Auto-Number > Prefix = DP > Suffix = 100 > Increment Value = 10 > OK

Later you want to change these same renumbered IDs to RS1D100, RS1D110, …
Select activities > Right click > Renumber > Replace beginning characters > Number of characters = 2 > Replace with = RS1D > OK



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