The Right Way to Prepare a Schedule

There isn’t a one ‘right way’ to prepare project Time Schedules (Bar Charts / Gantt Charts). Primavera is pretty versatile in this respect. If you forget to do one thing now, you can always do it later even if thousands of activities have already been added. Once someone starts regularly using this application they will soon figure out that it’s an unnecessary hassle to fiddle around with Calendars all the time, esp. if a particular one is predominantly used. So it becomes a habit to fix the default calendar as soon as one has finished only creating the schedule. This saves a few minutes later (and potential embarrassment in front of management/Client). There might still be a few activities which need a different calendar, so this has to be dealt with (albeit on a smaller scale) in almost every schedule.
However, the baseline is where everything stops. Every self respecting planner refers to only such a schedule as baseline where no scheduling related corrections are needed. This is the point before which one must have looked at every little thing in the schedule, made all corrections and changes (WBS, Calendar, Duration, Resource, Cost, Description, different types, etc.) and be able to confidently make it a reference point.
In general, but not always and not with everyone, the following sequence is generally followed:
1. Create project
2. Assign defaults (including calendars), dates, other settings
3. WBS
4. Activities (with appropriate settings and changes)
5. Sequencing
6. Adjusting and (roughly) finalizing the schedule … [what has been referred to as scheduling in the question]
7. Resource & Cost Loading (this could be two separate steps, depending on various other things)
8. Finalizing schedule (Baseline) [Re-check & modify 2, 3, 4, 5 as and if needed]
9. Updating schedule on a periodic basis



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